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Pink Haze

Feature Film | In post production

After a failed initiatory journey, René Loisel returns in secret in his hometown of Havre St-Laurent. Looking for meaning in his existence, he finds himself in the middle of a police investigation which forces him to confront his former classmates who all seem to be successful, his sister whom he admires more than anything, his first love, a policewoman with a big heart and a serial murderer.

Written and directed by Fabrice-Édouard La Roche-Francoeur

Produced by Achromatic Media | DOP Simran Dewan | Editor Émile Tremblay | Starring  Antoine Rivard-Nolin, Noémie O'Farrell, Miranda La Roche-Francoeur, Émile Schneider, Christine Beaulieu, Marianne Dansereau, Catherine St-Laurent, Philippe Thibeault-Denis, Stéphane Gagnon & Claude La Roche


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