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The Alleged Kaspar Hauser

Short Film | 2015

The Alleged Kaspar Hauser is a performance film inspired by the true story of Kaspar Hauser. The creation process was documented on social media and behind the scenes of the shoot broadcast live on Facebook. A month after shooting, the film premiered at the Outremont Theater. The public was able to view the result of the project they have followed during the previous months, at the place of its creation.


The film is divided into tableaux recounting the significant events in Kaspar's short life, from his birth, until his mysterious death, when he was only twenty years old.

Directed by Fabrice-Édouard La Roche-Francoeur

Produced by Achromatic Media| Written by Fabrice-Édouard La Roche-Francoeur, Émile Tremblay, Julie-Anne Ranger-Beauregard | DOP Simran Dewan | Editor Émile Tremblay | Starring  Charlie Shulz, Miranda La Roche-Francoeur, Christine Beaulieu, Stéphane Brulotte, Carl Béchard, Jean-Pierre Cloutier, Mary-Lee Picknell, Raphaëlle Lalande, Antoine Rivard-Nolin, Eudes-Arnaud La Roche-Francoeur, Simon Beaulé-Bulman

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